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炙痲王 broil Ephedra (Ephedrae Herba) Zhi Ma Huang

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炙麻黄的其他名称:麻黄, 龙沙, 卑相卑盐草麻黄麻王, 赤根
麻黄科植物草麻黄、木贼麻黄或中麻黄的草质茎。 主治伤寒表实,发热恶寒无汗、头痛鼻塞、骨节疼痛;咳嗽气喘;风水浮肿,小便不利;风邪顽痹,皮肤不仁,风疹瘙痒。


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Sunburn ephedra editor
Other names Sunburn Ephedra: Ephedra, Lonza, Peel phase, Peel salt, Ephedra, Ma Wang, Akane
The ephedra plant Ephedra, Ephedra equisetina or herbaceous stems. Indications typhoid real table, no sweat fever, chills, headache, stuffy nose, joint pain; cough, asthma; feng shui edema, urination; pathogenic wind stubborn weakness, skin heartless, rubella itching.
Chinese name Sunburn ephedra herbal plant property
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Sunburn ephedra editor
1, for the cold table disease. This product oct rise scattered strong, able to vent Cou, thoroughly scared orifices, other than scattered cold evil invasion muscle table. In the divergent cold medicine, its strongest sweating, sweating of the table as an important drug. Suitable for cold outside Yu, Cou closed secret no sweat of exogenous cold table. Treatment of this syndrome, and Guizhi ephedra phase must be used, but also enhance the sweating, cold to force the solution table. But also because both the asthma, the effect of cold table while the real against the cough asthma, are particularly suitable, such as "Treatise on the" ephedra soup. The product can also be used with other divergent cold medicine, such as "Dispensary Bureau" Ten God soup with basil and other drug compatibility.
2, for the cough disease. This product Xinsan and slightly bitter and drop it, can open fur outside canopy to allow lung Xuan Chang; within drop
Sunburn ephedra
Sunburn ephedra (5)
 Shangni gas to the complex lung Su-down of the Secretary often, Gushan asthma, lung Yonge-based treatment due to cough medicine, and often with almond cough and asthma medicine to assist. For the cold outside the beam, Chuanji Keni lung failure declared down, the most appropriate to the FDA, its divergent cold and asthma effect, can fully for the permit etiology and pathology, such as "Dispensary Bureau" three bend soup. Hyperactivity dampness and lung Shangni cough, the product can still be declared down lung and asthma agent to receive, such as the "Treatise on" hemp plaster licorice almond soup. Cough and phlegm, yet the compatibility of phlegm drugs, such as "regimen congregation recipe" Dingchuantang, with Coltsfoot, Breit, Suzi equated with.
3, for the edema. This product diuretic withdrawal swelling, edema, urination can be used for the card. Because the Xuanfei gas, sweating solution form, can make the skin of moisture from the hair orifices scattered outside, and water passage, under less force to help lose bladder diuretic, it is appropriate to edema beginning, and there are tables Permit. "Golden Chamber" licorice ephedra soup, with licorice with the use, can be effective. As further compatibility sweating relieving drugs and other benefits of water swelling drug withdrawal, the better efficacy, such as "Golden Chamber" more handmaiden surgery plus soup with ginger, Atractylodes equated with.
Sunburn ephedra Atlas
Sunburn ephedra Atlas (5)
In addition, the role of the product divergent cold, cold therapy may also be caused by HSV or itchy skin, Biyuan (sinusitis), Stuffy Nose (chronic rhinitis) of stuffy or runny. Stagnation of its cold efficiency, can still be used cold sore and numb overcast gangrene diffuse swelling without a head, skin color change and other evidence. [1] 
Dosage editor
Decoction, 3-10g, the product born with sweat strong force, should be used for the card outside cold; Mizhi ephedra longer than asthma, should be used for cough (especially Hyperactivity cough) certificate; ephedra velvet effect more moderate, suitable for children, the elderly and infirm.
Notes Editor
Virtual asthma, hypertension and insomnia patients with caution.
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Sunburn ephedra
Sunburn ephedra (5)
Sunburn ephedra Atlas
Sunburn ephedra Atlas (5)
Reference material
1. Compendium of Materia Medica Chinese medicine. TCM Collection [reference date 2015-07-30]