Chronic Gastritis 慢性胃炎

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Chronic gastritis is a chronic gastric lesion, pathologically mucosa. Possibly related to administration of irritating drugs and food, bile regurgitation, buccal inflammation or autoimmunity.

Chronic gastritis can be divided into two categories, primary and secondary. The former is further categories into superficial, atrophic and hypertrophic type; the latter often complicates gastroduodenal ulcer and gastric cancer. Chronic gastritis occurs most frequent in the middle-aged people.

Main points of diagnosis:

1 The chief symptoms are chronic reveals mild but diffuse tenderness in the upper abdominal region pain, fullness and discomfort, belching and acid regurgitation which often occur after meals.

Mild hemorrhage of upper digestive tract may be induced by some precipitating factors in a few cases.

Severe atrophic gastritis may be accompanied with anemia and pathologic leanness.

2 Gastric juice analysis: gastric acid is normal in superficial gastritis, but mostly reduced or gone in atrophic gastritis.





2 胃液分析:淺表性胃炎胃酸正常,萎縮性胃炎胃酸多減少或缺乏.