Dysmenorrhea (Cramps) 痛經

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Dysmenorrhea means that women have periodic pain during or prior to or after menstrual period in the lower abdomen or faint in severe cases.

It has been customary to classify cases of dysmenorrheal into two main group:

Primary or functional dysmenorrheal referring to the one which is not caused by organic diseases,

And secondary dysmenorrheal referring to the one caused by organic diseases in reproductive system.

Main points of diagnosis:

1 Distending pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen one or two days prior to or during menstruation accompanied with fullness sensation in the chest, hypochondrium and breast, deep-purple blood with clots, relief of pain after discharge of clots.

2 The pain can spread over the whole abdomen, lumbosacral region or there is dragging pain in the vulva and anus. It varies in degrees and can be relieved when the menstrual blood flows smoothly.





1 經前1~2日或經期小腹脹疼痛拒按,伴胸胁乳房作脹,經血紫暗有塊,塊下痛減.

2 疼痛可引及全腹或腰骶部,或外陰,肛門墮痛,有輕有重,經血排出流暢時,疼痛可緩解.