Nephritic Syndrome 腎病綜合症

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Nephritic syndrome can be caused by a wide variety of glomerular diseases.

It may follow bacterial or viral infections, malignant tumors and administration of some drugs.

Some immune diseases, such as systems lupus erythematosus, allergic purpura and diabetes mellitus can be complicated by nephritic syndrome.

Main points of diagnosis:

1 Heavy proteinuria, accompanied with edema and hypoproteinemia, are three major manifestation of this syndrome.

Urinary protein excretion exceeds 3.5g/day.

The serum albumin is lower than 30g/Liter.

Severe edema may appear if serum albumin is lower than 15g/Liter.

2 The alteration of blood pressure varies with different types of the disease.

Hyperlipemia is common, particularly increased cholesterol.

3 About 75% of cases with nephritic syndrome are caused by primary glomerular diseases.

In children nearly 80% of cases are nephritic syndrome of minute lesion type. The rest are secondary to other diseases.




1 大量蛋白尿伴浮腫及低蛋白血症是本病三大特點.


2 血壓改變隨病種而異,高血脂症常見,以膽固醇增高為主.

3 約75%患者由原發性腎小球疾病所致,兒童中80%為微小病變型腎病,餘多為繼發性病變.


部份 免疫性疾病,如系统性红斑狼疮,过敏性紫癜,糖尿病等,亦可并发本症.



尿蛋白>3.5g/日,血浆白蛋白<30g/公升,低于15g/公升可出 现严重浮肿.