Psoriasis 牛皮癬(神經性皮炎)

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Psoriasis is kind of chronic skin disease with pruritic inflammation. It is characterized by episodes of itching & lichenification on the skin.

The disease has a chronic course with frequent relapses. There is no tendency to step.

It can be divided into local and disseminated types.

1 Local neurodermatitis: At first, the patients feels intermittent itching on the affected part of the skin, then round clusters or polyangled pink papulae covered with scanty fine scales appear.

The skin will become thick, dry & rough at the advanced stage as a result of scratching & lichenoid skin lesion will be formed, it looks like the skin of a cow's neck.

This disease attacks & replapses frequently. It often occurs on the neck, elbow, knee & sacrum or cocryx & is serious in summer & mild in winter.

2 Neurodematitis disseminate: At first, the skin becomes diffusely red & clusters of papules appear on it.

The lichenification appears on the affected part of the skin at the advanced stage, too. Paroxysmal itching, the skin lesion is rather large & can spread over to the whole body, especially on the trunk & extensor side of limbs. 



1 局限性神經性皮炎: 患處先有間歇性瘙癢,繼而出現密集的圓形或角形淺紅色丘疹群,覆有少許糠屑.



2 播散型神經性皮炎: 初呈彌漫性皮膚潮紅,有密集的丘疹群.