Tension Headaches 神經官能症頭痛

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Tension Headaches

More than 90% of headaches are tension headaches, which become more frequent & severe during times of emotional or physical stress.

Some of them may be caused by poor posture, working in awkward positions, or a sudden strain, stress, depression, and anxiety are most common triggers.

Tightness or pain in the muscles of the neck, back, & shoulders , it may cause pain over your head, pressure, or a feeling like having a tight band around your head.

Some people feel a dull, pressing, burning sensation above the eyes.

The pain may also affect the jaw, face, neck, & upper back. Tension headaches that occur two or more times weekly for a period of months or longer are considered chronic.

It may strike persons of any age or sex. The chronic form most frequently develops during middle age, and it can last for several years after onset







多于90%为此神经官能症头痛,常因精神紧张,情绪抑郁而频发 及加重.

有些原因为工作时不当姿势,工作过劳,紧张,抑郁忧虑,发作由全头可至颈肩背紧痛,似横带紧索,钝压痛,眼灼痛,甚至连颚面颈 及上背.


神经官能症头痛可发生于任何年纪之男女,慢性多 频繁发作于中年,反复发作数年之久.