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On-Line Consultation 網上診証

Before this Consultation, you need to :
Email to herbsdr@yahoo.ca Confirm the time first ( subject topic Request for Skype to Skype Video On-Line Consultation, because a lot of Junk mail or spam email everyday), we will send you PayPal money request from CAD $5-25,
Some health problems terms in my personal dictionary definition
Cure your problems : that mean 100% to make an illness go away, that is final target.
治愈你的問題:意味著 100%種疾病消失.  這是最終目標。

Treat your problems : that mean your illness have going improvement between 1-99%, you can feel getting better of your health problems, that is processing way of illness go away 
治療你的問題:這意味著你的病有持續不斷的改善 1 - 99% 之間, 你可以感受到你的健康問題得到更好的,處理過程的方式疾病正在消失

Keep your problems : That mean your illness can not be cure , Just like high blood pressure,  high cholesterol, diabetes ............, may be all medication you need keep continue to take until you pass away, those medicines are keeping your health problems on the stable level only. If you forget to take those pill frequently, your health problem will get worse, most people need always keep their medicines in pocket prevent earthquake or accident    

Health problems maker: That mean this health problem doesn't treat yet, but create other health problems is coming
At your experience, which kind of doctors you meet that before !! all of above were my personal opinion only



Common Symptoms 常見症狀
Cancer Resources 癌症資訊
Medical Resources 醫療資訊
Alternative Therapies 另類療法

What is TCM 中醫資訊
中醫 經典名著
Common Herbs 常用草藥
On-Line Consultation 網上診証
On-Line Shopping Center 網上購物中心
Case Studies 個案分析

Test & Exam Center 測試中心
Healthcare Resources 保健泉源
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Weight Control 控制體重
Beauty Workshop 美容工作坊
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Kitchen Channel 廚房頻道
Longevity Tips 長壽秘訣

Wonderful of Human 人體奧秘
Wonderful of Animal 動物界奧妙
Wonderful of Natural 自然界奧妙
Wonderful of Universe 宇宙奧秘

Amazing God 上帝的奧妙
Bible Mysteries 聖經之謎
Bible Question & Answer 聖經疑問解答
Christian channel 基督徒頻道
Multiple Languages Bible Version 多種語言聖經版本
Bible Song Collection 聖經詩歌集
Testimony of Christian 基督徒得救見證
Different Religions 不同的宗教

Testimony of Homosexual 同性戀得救見證
Marriage Restoration 婚姻修復
Healing the Family 家庭癒合
Abuse Problem 虐待&濫用問題
Withdrawal Addiction 戒除成癮症
Accident Prevention Info 意外預防信息
Suicide Prevention Info 預防自殺信息
Emotional Management 情緒管理
Special Need Child 特殊需要兒童
Teen Problem 青少年問題
Senior Care 耆老護理

Touching Moment 感動時刻
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World’s Special Corner 世界特別角落

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Questionnaire of Who's need On-Line Consultation?

Are you suffer more than three Common Symptoms a long time?

Are you try western medicine a long time for your problem, but the result is limit?

Did your problem seem getting worst?

Did your family doctor or Specialist told you, nothing can do at your problems ?

Did you want find out second opinion to solve your problems?

Are you hard to left home to see doctor?

Are you suffer a lot of side effect from take too much medicine ?

Did you get sick easily & take long time to recover?

Did your body unreasonable fatigue & weakness easily in pass few month but can't find out any problems?
你的身體是 否

Did you feel hopeless & helpless because your cancer spread out to whole body?

Did your body can't recover after stroke or second stroke a long time ?

If your answer yes in above any question or more than one, I suggest you send us a email for request booking appointment for On-Line Consultation Just CAD$25, after the consultation, If you agree our diagnosis & analysis your problem, you can make the decision to try our Instant Herbal treatment  ( We charge you $10 for consultation fee only) Detail see How Much of Our Charge?
如果你的答案是在上述任何問題或一 個以上的,我建議你向我們發送電郵的要求預約網上診証只需加元$25,經過協商,如果您同意我們診斷及分析您的問題,可以決定嘗試即
草藥治療(我們向您收取10元的診証費用)詳細內容見 How Much of Our Charge?

         We have carry more than 400 different kinds of herbs extract powder. It will prescribe specific more than 20 difference herbs extract to your individual need, It may has some change every time, of course, no one prescription will be the same, because if two person have same serve problem, but difference body situation, the prescription will not the same.

For Adult under 200lb 3 teaspoon (5cc), 3 times daily, dissolved in ½ Cup (More than 90C) Boiling water, stir it then will all dissolved and drink all, No need to boil the herb, (Easy & Effective), Before meal or after meal, it doesn’t matter, It can combine you medicine together, but you should take ½ -1hour before or after your medicine.