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If you suffer more than three of those Common Symptoms a long time,I suggest you send us a email for request booking appointment for On-Line Consultation Just CAD$25, after the consultation, If you agree our diagnosis & analysis your problem, you can make the decision to try our Instant Herbal treatment ‎‎( We charge you $10 for consultation fee only)‎‎ Detail see How Much of Our Charge?

If you suffer more than 3 of those Common Symptoms a long time,I suggest you booking appointment for On-Line Consultation Just CAD$25, Detail see On line consultation/how-much-of-our-charge

Frozen Shoulder 肩周炎‎(五十肩)‎

for example, if your
family doctor or specialist diagnosis you have high blood pressure, he is going prescribe some high blood pressure pills for you, if you has common sense, you wouldn't ask for how long treat this problem, , after you're taking the pills a few while, your blood pressure seem under control, will you going to ask family doctor or specialist, can I stop to take those high blood pressure pills? what's your expect their give me the answer?   At my opinion, you are lucky, & your family doctor or specialist do a good job for keeping your blood pressure  at no getting worse, in this period,    

I having a lot of health problems, are you sure put all my problem at same treatment?

Why my husband take my Instant Herbal Treatment for cough, I'm getting better, he seem getting worse?
If your husband body all situation same as you, take your Instant Herbal Treatment will have same result, but

I'm taking diabetes injection more then 30years, and last 5 year I'm need 4 hours each times, 3 times weekly go hospital for dialysis, & also I still taking a lot of medicine, can I try your Instant herbal Treatment?
Of course, you can try, no problem, but you need to control your in put water, so you need to dissolve Instant herbal Extract less than one quarter of boiling water, on the other hand, if you can try your best for urination every 2 hour & then measure your urine volume for record,  

your health problems better than cure your health problems

your health problems better than treat your health problems

your health problems better than keep your health problems

Keep your health problems better than let health problem maker create a new health problem for you

Most people told me Herbal Treatment need take long time & result is slow, western medicine fast to solve health problem, what do you think?

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In-Depth Health Evaluation from the Perspective of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM) for a minimal fee by a licensed herbalist professionally trained in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM).

Here is how it works.
  1. Fill in and submit the evaluation form below.
  2. Pay $25 consultation fee at PayPal.
  3. Our licensed TCM doctor will evaluate your health.
  4. We will notify you within 1-5 days the evaluation result and recommend any herbal remedy as needed.
  5. You may purchase the remedies from us or other sources at your discretion.
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In-Depth Health Evaluation from the Perspective of
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM)

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We handle different problem such as Migraine: Tension & Headache; Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Back, Hip, Leg, Nerve, Muscle & Joint Swelling; Rigidity, Paralysis & Pain, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica & Gout, Insomnia; Neurasthenia; Anxiety; Depression; ADD-attention deficit disorder; Epilepsy; Parkinsonism; Schizophrenia; Senile Dementia, Stomach & Gastric Problem; Eczema, Acne & Skin Problem; Allergic Cough, Asthma, Rhinitis, Shortness of Breath; Chronic Diarrhoea & Constipation, Frequent Mid Night Urination, Loss Control of Urination or Bowel Movement; Impotence, Prostate Infection & Enlargement; Heavy Period, Cramp, Menoxenia, Yeast; Urinary or Bladder Infection, Menopause Problem, Sterility; Low Sex Drive, Vertigo & Tinnitus, Cold Hands & Feet, Poor Circulation, Palpitation, Gallstone & Kidney stone; Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Addiction; Stroke & Cancer Care. Of Course,*** IMPOSSIBLE and NO GUARANTEE *** every case success, I try my best to make correctly diagnosis and you answer the following evaluation as detailed as possible, but at least, most of them can have some improvement.
If you would like to look better, feel better, and have better health, then I invite you to make an appointment and come down to our clinic for a consultation. Or GIVE ME A CALL 604 8733782 in our office hour(GMT-8 Pacific)to make a detail consultation (Averge 30--45 min, depend on how much probem of your body?) by phone. Or else, you can fill out In-Depth Health Evaluation below.
***Please answer the following as detailed as possible. It will help me a lot to perform a diagnosis of your health situation. After this consultation, if you would like to try our herbal extract, please click the SEND to submit your information.***
We treat your whole body and we look specifically at the normal functioning of the organs. The body is interrelated and so we look at many parts of the body to correct the problems. We adjust the organ's yin and yang balance, for example, some organ needs cleansing or detoxification and some need to be invigorated to revitalize for vital energy. Within 0.5 to 1 month's time, you will feel a difference. Some problems will take a longer period of time to resolve because of the body's situation. Therefore, further consultation will be required (of course not as detailed as the first time!) to help with your body's analysis for a better fit prescription to the problems. If the problems are getting better, the dosage of medication will decrease accordingly. Our job is to help your body make a balance and to improve your health.
We have more than 400 herb extracts powder and we will prescribe more than 20 different herb extracts to your specific individual needs. There could be some changes to your prescription every time and no one prescription will be the same between two people. The herbal extract is also very easy to use and no boiling of the herb is necessary. A regular prescription will require you to take the herbal extract 3 times daily. All that is required of is to dissolve 3 teaspoon (5cc) of the herbal extract into 0.5-1 cup (120cc-240cc)of water (90oC) and drink it before or after a meal. Other medication can also be used together with the herbal extract, but a wait time of 0.5-1 hour is required before or after your medicine.
*** All your evaluation information are PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL***
***Remember, how much time you spent to finish this Evaluation! That mean how much time I need to spent for read & realize your HEALTH SITUATION! Please keep patient to finish ! ***
*** you spent the time not for me only, when you do this In-Depth Health Evaluation , then you will know your body healthy or not! And you can keep it in your file, two year later compare again. Of course, if you care about your family members or your friends, you can email to them, let them have a chance to do this In-Depth Health Evaluation ! ***
Your general **HEALTH HISTORY**
If you are **NOW PREGNANT** please let me know first! Sorry! We are not prescribe any herbal extracts for you before labour. *** Yes No but we can give you some recommendation.  
1 What is the *MAJOR PROBLEM* (sickness eg hypertenion, high cholestero, diabetes, or? )now? what figue? when? medicine? dosage? ***eg A. high blood pressure 145/83 BP 10yr on cozaar 50mg daily, metorpolol 100mg at bedtime, B. diabetes 8yr after dinner 1hr blood sugar level 13.5 degree on 12unitinsulin NPH Inj, C. dialysed 4yr from 1.4Litres to now 4.1 Litres, 3times/wk, 4hr each time for 5yr. seem get worse!

2 What is the other *PROBLEM* before that is *GETTING WORST* or let you *CONCERN* right now? In where of your body? When did it start? How frequency? How long did it last? How severe is this problem?

3 Are you having any (Stroke?Cancer?Tumor?Epilepsy? Or?) before? When? Tell me the detail?medicine? dosage? ***eg stroke at Dec 28,97 mid-night,left hand side hemiplegia with aphasia, hemihypoesthesia and hemianopia. more than 1 month be disphagia and disturbance of consciousness, close 2 month in hospital. now 60% getting better.

4 Did you had any *ACCIDENT* or go to *EMERGENCY* before? or has any *OPERATION* before? Detail when? What happen?

5 Did you had some *ALLERGY* before? (e.g.duct? Weeds? Sea food? Pollen ? ) How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg Allergic rhinitis since 12 yr old, allergic such as tree, grass, weed pollen, dust, mites in household dust, cockroaches, mold spores, animal dander, irritation smell, cold & hot air. All season but especial at spring paroxysmal itching in the eyes, nose and pharynx, sore and swelling in the nose, sneezes after another, sometimes dozens of them in succession. There is watery nasal discharge with foams. In the period of acute reaction, plenty of nasal discharge comes out continuously, sometimes will dropping to the pharynx. I'm using Corticosteroid nasal sprays, Loratadine (Claritin) pills to control it.

6 Are you have any *DRUG ABUSE* (Marijuana? Cocaine? LSD? Heroin? meth? Cough syrup? Or?) before? when did it start? frequency? money?/wk ***eg start smoked cig at 10 yr old, then smoked weed and took acid at 13 yr old,in ninth grade, I was selling and taking acid on a regular basis. When I was going into tenth grade,shooting coke and using a lot of meth, I was strung out on cocaine - and I was only 15.and soon started drinking and using drugs together,when I was 19 - and I had smoked pot,then I smoked crack,and went to prison for forgery. Once I was released, the people I used to hang out with weren't smoking crack anymore - they were using meth. Now I am 21yr old, spent $80-$300/wk depend on how much money I get.I hate myself & my done, but I can't get out of them.

7 Do you have *SMOKE* ? *ALCOHOL* ? stop yet? When ? frequent? money ?/week ***eg smoke 1pk/day since 12yr old, stop 2months of 5yr ago, now 0.5pk/day $30-40/wk

8 Do you see the doctor? Specialist? Chiropractor? Homeopath? Acupuncture? Physiotherapy? Dentist? Herbalist? or? How often ? which prefer ? money?/visit ***eg I prefer Chiropractor 6 times/mon $40/Visit Homepath 1/wk $40/visit

9 Do you have any *LAB TEST* or *MEDICAL RECORDS* ? Yes No please email attach files for me.
Your general **HEALTH SITUATION**
1 Are you easily feel *STRESS* ? How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg 10% on & off at working, holiday is OK.

2 Are you easily feel *ANXIETY* ? How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg 30%, winter time get worse, sometime Trembling, twitching, or shaking, lightheadedness & dizziness, feeling of fullness in the throat or chest, muscle tension, soreness, restlessness, fatigue, insomnia, breathlessness,rapid heartbeat, sweating hands.

3 Are you easily feel *DEPRESSION* ? How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg 40% especial at night, rainning day, at winner, when I lonly, I taking fluoxetine (Prozac) daily more than 5yr, seem get worse.

4 Are you easily feel *MOODY* ? How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg 20% up & down, 10min-half hr/day, especial when I'm busy or sleep not well.

5 Are you easily feel *SAD* or *Cry* easily ? How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg 10% especial coming cold, dark months the consequences can be severe. now on melatonin 5 mg.

6 Are you easily feel *ANGRY* ? How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg 30% sometime uncontrol, especial before my period time.

7 Are you easily feel *TIRED* ? How severe % ? Frequency? ***eg 50% , now getting worst, especial in winner,I'm sleep more than 10hr, but still fell tired after wake up 2hr, so I need to have rest 15min every 2-3hr at day time, I had one car accident experience cause from sleeping.

8 Are you easily get *SICK* ?How severe % ? Frequency? what medicine? dosage? ***eg Last yr 4-5 times get flu & cough, it lease 2-3wk to getting better,

9 Did your hand & feet easily *FEEL COLD* ? How severe % ? Frequency? dress up more? ***eg hold body feel cold in all season in my life, especial in feet at winter, even in summer, I'm still wear my snow jacket at morning sometime.

10 Are you taking any *VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS* or any *HEALTH PRODUCTS* now? names? dosage? money?/month ***eg Glucosamine & Chondroitin for Arthritis,calcium for preventing osteoporosis, CoQ10 for high blood pressure,isoflavones for menopause, black cohosh for relief hot flashes, multivitamin for prevent vitamin or mineral deficiencies,powdered cranberry for urinary tract infection,melatonin for insomnia, pancreatic enzymes for Help digestion, average $80-160/month depend on get sick or not.

11 Are you have *EXERCISE* (eg walk, bicycle,gym, swim, or?)regularly? How often? how long? ***eg I plan to exercise aerobically at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week.Just like Aerobic classes, Jogging,Swimming,Bicycling, Fast walking, but now I try to stretch 5 times a week for 2-5 minutes at my working day noon time.

12 Do you easy have Insomnia? Snoring? Hours for sleep? What time to bed? Medicine? ***eg 12Am-1Am to bed, 4-5hr for sleep, sometime insomnia then take Triazolam (Halcion) 1tab for sleep , snoring a lot,easy to weak up at mid night & difficlut to sleep again.

Your General ***SPLEEN*** Health (in TCM concept include --from eat, drink --digestion --absorption --excretion. Control Thinking. Dominating Transportation & Transformation, in charge of ¡§Sending up¡¨, Commanding the Blood, Controlling the Muscles & Limbs, Opening into the Mouth, and Manifestation on the Lips) situation?
1 Do you often feeling thirsty? when? all day? or not drink enough liquid? or? ***eg I don't drink any liquid after dinner, even I feel thirsty at night, because I don't want weak up for urionation so many time.

2 Do you taste any flavors in your tongue (sour, bitter, sweet, salty, or can't taste?)? when? what taste? ***eg At morning feel bitter or sour sometime.

3 Do you easily to have ulcers; cold sores; glossitis; in your tongue or oral cavity? How long geting better? ***eg glossitis 3-4/yr I,m think cause from bite & after eat no clear up, it take 1wk to heal.

4 What kind of food do you like to eat? (include what kind of meats, sea food, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruit, snack) What kind & How many % of each? per week ***eg 20% meats port & chicken, I hate beef, 20% vegie depend on season, 40% carbo mostly rice & noodle, 20% snack espicail like chips & chocolate bars, I hate fruit, allergy for sea food.

5 what kind of liquids you like to drink? (eg. Cold or hot water, tea, coffee, milk, pop, juice, soup, or ?) ?cups of what? average per day? ***eg 2cups of coffee at morning, 1 cup of tea at noon, 1 pop sometime, 1 bowl of soup at night.

6 What kind of *TASTE* & *COOKING* do you like to eat? Spicy, hot, sour, sweet, salty, deep fried, grilled, steamed, or? ***eg I hate steamed, soup, and I like to eat Spicy, hot, sour, sweet, salty, deep fried, grilled, every food cook good taste, I can eat it all.

7 What kind of *FOOD* do you like to eat?How many times you *EAT OUTSIDE* per week? ***eg fried rice, BBQ duck ,lasagna ,burger, sandwiches, sirloin steak, topping pizza, sushi sashimi sunomono tempura udon teriyaki yakisoba donburi, miso soup, samosas tandoori raga barbeque tidbits pakoras korma pratha ,tom yun koung,gai yang,satay geow tod, & I eat lunch outside in working day, sometime have dinner ouside at holiday.

8 Do you have any *DIGESTION PROBLEMS* ? (eg: Swallowing difficulty? Nausea or vomiting? Eructation? Heart burn? Flow back acid? Gas? Bloating? Ulcer? Colic? Poor appetite? Anorexia? Is it before meal or after meal do you feel uncomfortable? Or ¡K?) When you toughen your abdomens do you feel cold or hot? When did it start? How frequently? How long did it least? How severe % is this problem? medicine? dosage? ***eg heartburn: burning sensation in the middle of the chest; pain & difficulty swallowing; slight regurgitation of stomach's contents into the mouth, especially when reclining or bending forward; mild abdominal pain. I had taking Hp.Pac for 1wk to eradication of Helicobacter pylori 6month before, now still on Zantac 150mg once daily for 2yr.

9 Did you have *BOWEL MOVEMENT* everyday? How many times & usually at what time? (Hard, soft, loose, or watery stool?) What color is your stool? Do you have hemorrhoid or not? Did you need to take laxatives?***eg A change in the pattern of bowl movements in last two yr, diarrhea or constipation. Blood on the surface or mixed in the stool, and stool of a smaller caliber than usual, general abdominal discomfort, bloating, gas pains, cramping, persistent localized pain, a feeling that the bowel does not empty completely on defecation. now on Docusate sodium 100mg twice a day.

10 Does your *MUSCLE* easily feel weak, sore, pain, or trembling? which part of your body? When did it start? How frequently? How long did it least? How severe are these problem? medicine? dosage? ***eg first 2 yr feel weak, sore, pain, & trembling of upper part of the body, then later of the lower part of the body. slowly progress in severity and spread from one area of involvement such as one finger, hand, or shoulder to whole body. now taking glucosamine 1yr.

Your General ***HEART*** Health (in TCM concept include --Blood circulation; Metabolism; Head; Brain; Tongue; Mind, and Nerve, Control happy Dominating the blood vessel & mind, manifestation in the face, opening into the tongue )situation?
1 Do your hands & feet easily get cold? Numb? Tingling? Swollen? Tremble? Cyanosis? Sore? Itch? Pain? Usually in the morning? Night? Or ..? When did it start? How frequent? & How long did it last? How severe is the problem?

2 Does your face look Pale? Red? Yellow? Dark? Or has Acne? Chloasma? Swollen? Wrinkle? Itch? Or¡K¡K.? When did it start? How frequency? & How long did it least? How severe of %-% these problem?

3 Did your mind usually not easily Clear? Difficult to concentrate? Poor of memory as before? Or have (Dullness? Mania? Schizophrenia? Epipelsy? Panic attack? ADD---Attention Deficit Disorder? Parkinsonism? Senile Dementia?)

4 Did your head easily get Dizzy? Vertigo? (Not easily get balance of the body?) Headache? In which area?(eg: Forehead? Left or right side of temple? Vertex? Occipital? ) What did you feel when it start the headache(eg: feel Hot? Cold? Tension? Dull pain? Or ......? )When did it start? How frequency? & How long did it least? How severe of%- % these problem?

5 Did your heart beat easily get fast? Palpitation? Slow ? Irregular heart rate? Or your chest feel tight? Uncomfortable? Or ? ***eg Sometimes there is tachycardia, but sometimes bradycardia syndrome. so it make me feel dizziness, chest distress. I have this problem close to 3 yr, seem get worse.

6 Did you have any ( Tachycardia? Bradycardia? Embolism? Angina pectoris? Arythmia? Anemia? Hemophilia? Septicemia? Or¡K..?) before? Tell me the detail? ***eg Angina pectoris closed to 5yr, Coronary artery bypass graft surgery in 2 yr ago. sometimes a transient attack of chest pain is induced by exertion, heavy meals, exposure to cold, or emotion. The typical manifestations are sudden attacks of retrosternal constricting oppressive pain or gripping pain. The pain commonly radiates to the left shoulder and left arm, accompanied with cold sweat. The pain lasts 1-5 minutes . sometime can be relieved by resting, but some time need by placing a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.

Your General ***LIVER*** Health (in TCM concept include --Eyes; Liver; Gall bladder; Tendons; Ligament; Finger nails, Control Anger Dominating of Conducting & Dispersing, Regulating emotional activities, Aiding Digestion & Absorption, promoting the Qi, Blood, & Water Flowing Normally, Storing Blood, Dominating the Tendons, & Manifestation on the Nails, Opening into the Eyes)situation?
1 Do your eyes have any (Dryness? Redness? Tearing? Infection? Itching? Or ¡K.?) easily? ***eg itching & redness in the affected eye; discharge from the eye, clear or pus-filled; excessive tearing; aversion to bright lights; possibly, swollen eyelids. 3-4 times/ yr. now is OK.

2 Did you have ( Myopia? Astigmatism? Hypermetropia? Presbytis? Strabismus? Blurred vision? Amblyopia? Blindness? Exophthalmos? Glaucoma? Cataract? Or¡K..?) before? operation yet? medicine? ***eg Cataract operation right eye 5yr ago, left eye at 4yr ago, now on beta-carotene pills to prevent vision loss for 2 yr ago .

3 Did you have any (hepatitis? Jaundice? Gall bladder cystic? Gall bladder stone? Hepatomegalia? Or?) before? ***eg I'm hepatitis B carrier since 18yr old, 10yr ago have operation for Gall bladder stone.

4 Did your have any (Tendons; ligament problem? Thin nails; easily broken? Or ?)

Your General ***LUNG*** Health (in TCM concept include -- All respiration system; Nose; Qi; Body fluids; Skin ; Control Worry Domination of Qi, a Place for Meeting of All Vessels & Coordination Function, Domination Of Dispersing & Depurative Descending, Regulation of Water Metabolism, Correlating with the Skin & Hair, Opening into the Nose, the Throat as a Gateway of the Lung.)situation?
5.Do you easily get Flu; Cold; or Cough? Did you have a Flu injection last year? How many times did you have Flu or cold last year? What are the symptoms usually? (eg: Fever? Chill? Runny nose? Headache? Muscle ache? Neck stiff? Sore throat? Stomachache? Diarrhea? A lot of thick green or yellow sputum or phlegm; or thin sputum? Or dry coughing at night & the morning ; or all the times?) When did it start? How frequently? How long did it least? How severe of were these problem?

6 Do you easily have (Running nose? Sinus? Rhinitis? Allergies? Hay fever? Stuff? Congest? Bleeding?) Most severe at night? Morning? Need to take pills or Corticosteroid nasal sprays? ***eg Rhinitis since 12 yr old to now, paroxysmal itching in the eyes, nose and pharynx, sore and swelling in the nose, sneezes after another, sometimes dozens of them in succession. There is watery nasal discharge with foams. In the period of acute reaction, plenty of nasal discharge comes out continuously, sometimes will dropping to the pharynx. I'm using Corticosteroid nasal sprays, Loratadine (Claritin) pills to control it.

7 Do you have (Asthma? Bronchitis? Pneumonia? Tuberculosis? Shortness of breath? ) before? When did it start? How frequent? How long did it least? How severe of were these problem? ***eg 25 % of this problem .Long-term cough more than 2 yr on & off, sputum production and dyspnea which attack repeatedly and flunctuate are worse in autumn and winter. There may be fever, exacerbation of cough and mucopurulent sputum production, and dyspnea is more marked if acute concurrent infection is present.

8 Are your have skin problem (eg: Itch? Rash? Urticania? Eczema? Neurodermatitis? Psoriasis? Shingles? Lupus? Swollen? Night sweating? Erysipelas? Wart? Or ¡K¡K? ) in which (Please submit the photo) area? When did it start? How frequency? & How long did it least? How severe of %-% these problem? ***eg 20%, itchy patches of dry, swollen, scaly, rough, cracked, or reddened skin. Oozing & crusting in the affected areas. Rash in sharply angulated lines . Dark brown scaly patches on the legs .Scaly patches on eyebrows, sides of nose, ears, scaly .Thick, dry, scaly, reddish-brown patches on crease of arms & legs, on Elidel Cream (pimecrolimus) and Protopic Ointment (tacrolimus) more than 3yr, now getting worse.

Your General ***KIDNEY*** Health (in TCM concept include -- Urinary system; Reproduction system; Hormone; Bone; Water metabolism; Marrow; Hair; Ears; from lower back to feet; Control fear , Storing Essence, Dominating Growth, Development & Reproduction, Dominating Water Metabolism, Controlling the Reception of Qi, Dominating Bones & Teeth, Engendering Marrow to Fill up the Brain, Manifestations in the Hair, Opening into the Ears, External Genitalia & Anus)situation?
1 Do you need to wake up for urination at night? How many times? Usually at day times after you drink, how long later will you go for urination? (Less than 1hr/each? More than 2hr/each? Or¡K..?) How many hours before bed do you stop to drink?

2 Did you feel any uncomfortable during urination? (slow & thin? Burning? Pain? Retention? Enuresis? Incontinence? Bedwetting? Anuria? Pyuria? Turbid? Bleeding? Itch? Or? )

3 Do you have any (Kidney or urinary stone? Nephritic syndrome? Or?) before? When did it start? How frequent & how long did it least? How severe were these problem? ***eg kidney stones are found on an x ray 2wk ago, I complains of blood in the urine & sudden pain. then dull pain in the lower lions of the right side, when the stones in the kidney move, a severe pain will be produced, it radiates along the ureter to the abdomen and the perineal region which is associated with different degrees of hematuria. I'm still waiting for Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) for the treatment of kidney stones 3 month later.

4 If you are female, are your periods on time? (Is that 30 days? Or between 25-35days? Miss some months? Irregular? Or¡K? ) Are you on any contraception product? How many days are the periods coming (Is that5-7days? Or ¡K.?) Which day is heavy? (Is that second & third day? Or ¡K.?) Heavy is what color & not heavy is what color? Are there some blood clotting? Before or during the periods, did you have any uncomfortable feeling? (Headache? Breast swollen or pain? Abdomen bloating & cramp? Sore back? Or ¡K.?)***eg 35-45 days a cycle, 5-7days coming, the second day heavy, dark colour with some clot, then red colour to finish, breast swelling before the period , water retention, bloating, weight gain, & acne; breast tenderness, & muscle aches, food craving or poor appetite, distension in sternocostal region, loss stool, diarrhea, cold hand & feet, lack of energy, & sleep disturbance.

5 If you are female, did you have any (Discharge? Leucorrhea? Vaginitis? Candidiasis¡Xyeast infection? Venereal disease? Or? ) before? How ***eg vaginal itching severe; white, curdy, usually odourless vaginal discharge; and pain when urinating. usually after the period, this half yr, on Diflucan (fluconazole) every times,but now seem get worse.

6 If you are female, did you have any ( Sterility? Cyst of uterus? Miscarriage? Abortion? Dystocia? Or ¡K.? ) before? Tell me the detail

7 If you are now going to Menopause? ***eg last half yr start tidal fever with hot flushed face, sometime paroxysmal feverishness with sweating, tension and depression, irritability and tendency to anger. this 2 month start have dizziness, tinnitus, lassitude in loins and legs, preceded menstrual cycle or irregularity of menstrual cycle from 21-35 days a cycle, with bright red colour and some period menorrhagia, and some scanty menstruation. Some of menopause women have darkish complexion, soreness of waist, cold limbs, abdominal distension, loose stool, edema of the face and limbs, profuse menstrual flow with dark colour and clots

8 If you are male, do you have any (difficult erection? Impotence? Prostate enlargement? Prostatitis? Venereal disease? Itch scrotum? Sore & swollen of testis? Hemia? Or¡K¡K?) ***eg Prostate enlargement 5yr, 4~5 times for urination at mid-night, I has to wait for a while before urination, Later on, the obstructional condition becomes more serious, accompanied with difficulty in urination, weak and thready stream of urine, then interruption 2-3 times, and then dribbling in urination to finish.

9 4. Does your body have any (pain? Tight? Sore? Numbness? Tingling? Weakness? Tired? Rigidity? Stiff? Injury? Damage? Fracture? Twist? Paralysis? ) before or easily? Did you have ( Gout? Osteoporosis? Fibromyalgia? Sciatica? Arthritis? Hunchback? Lame? Hitch? Or ?)*** eg I'm suffer more than 20yr,lower back 50% sore, stiff, all limbs are painful,swelling, ligaments, and tendons weaken. The joints become increasingly painful, stiff, and deformed, and nard nodules often form over them. Usually on both sides of the body in ankles, knee, fingers, wrists, toe, elbows and/or neck, numbness and tingling, seem get worse in winter time. I'm taking glucosamine, MSM-1000mg, Calcium pill

10 Is your hair getting (Thin? White? Loss?) ***eg at last 10yr, my hair getting white first, then I dye my hair one time per 2-3month, then getting thin & loss now.

11 Did your ears have any ( Tinnitus? Deaf? Hearing loss? Or?)***eg Tinnitus since 30 yr old, start ringing, then last 10 yr buzzing, now this 5yr humming sound in both ears, 40% hearing loss.

upload your *LAB TEST* or *MEDICAL RECORDS*
upload a photo of your face
upload a photo of your inffected area
upload a photo of your tongue would be helpful in TCM evaluation.
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